Industry: SaaS, Dev Tool, IoT, DeepTech
Contact: Palina Leibinskaya, Founder & CEO



TimeTick: AI-driven low-code development tool that helps companies simulate, test and monitor IoT software solutions.

Business Summary:  TimeTick helps IoT software companies to save money, speed up development cycles, and monitor performance and system health. With an AI algorithm, Timetick designs a digital twin to organize behavior testing processes, simulate numerous devices, and help businesses plan their infrastructure scaling in advance. The founders and core engineering team have 9+ years of experience working together on high-load IoT software.

Traction: Now, 100% of demos with industry leaders such as Proterra resulted in positive feedback and a soft commitment to use Timetick.

Target Market: IoT Global Market with a size of $336.8 billion and Service available market at $60 billion.

Business Model: B2B with pay-per-user subscription and Additional minutes and connected devices purchase, allowing flexibility in operation scaling.

Raising: Currently Seeking $750K for integration of more devices and marketing campaign.